Dune Racer “Older” Wheels

Posted by Ray Schindler on August 30th, 2019

The “older” versions of Dune Racer use wheels where the two rear wheels are bigger (taller) than the two front wheels. The sticker with the model number of a Dune Racer is located inside the hood compartment.

Model numbers such as CBK89, CBP84, CDF93m CFG09, DMT54, DRH63, W2602, W6201, W6204, Y6533, Y9367.

The rear wheel for these Dune Racer versions is part number J5248-2369. The smaller front wheels are part number J8472-2269 for the right side front wheel, and part number J8472-2339 for the left side front wheel.

The J8472-2269 and J8472-2339 have been discontinued and are no longer available.